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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Joys of the Jobcentre.

Back in 2007/8 I was unemployed for the majority of the year after I graduated. I looked like this:

I was living in Brighton and signing on. I drew some comics about the experience, and made them into a zine. I found the originals and scanned a couple of pages in. Here they are:

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Procrastination Station

So I am a student again, (yeah, you do need an MA to become a Librarian). I am already failing to prioritise my workload...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

In Your Dreams: Tamagotchi Envy

Do you remember Tamagotchis? I had a purple and yellow one, and I got bored of it quickly. I had a dream about them a few weeks ago, which is what this drawing is about...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Grandmother the Gangsta Rapper.

So this is a bit different to the art stuff I normally post, because it's not a comic, it's something I did when I was on my Art Foundation year, prior to starting my Fine Art BA in 2004. The last time I went back to visit my parents, I found an old sketchbook from that course, which much to my delight contained photographs of my Grandmother posing like a Gangsta rapper. We had to do a project with the catch all title of 'image and identity'. According to my sketchbook, I decided to focus on Gangsta Rap, as it seemed so constructed and full of 'stylistic rules and codes', and also because I hated how 'macho' it was and wanted to have a pop at it. Ahh to be indignant and 18 again.

The sketchbook I found them in makes for slightly painful reading, as the writing and 'research' in it is about as subtle as a brick, and focused in the way that you could only be at that age and before three more years of art school have made you cynical and completely changed everything you thought about art at that time. Lots of it is also cribbed from stuff I read in A Level Sociology books. My love of Richard Billingham's photographs also probably shines through too much, but whatever, I still love these pictures.

I remember my Gran making sure we took the photographs in her 'better' sitting room. Showing her pictures of rappers and getting her to copy them. We frequently had to retake pictures because we kept creasing up with laughter! This was before digital cameras were so commonplace, and I spent quite a lot of my shit pub job wage on film. These photos were taken in 2003, and my Gran is 92 now, a bit less mobile but still just as awesome. Love you Gran.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

How's My Leering?

Cycling in London can be hair raising enough without the addition of sexists on (motorised) wheels. I'm getting really fed up of idiot men who like to hoot and shout at me when I'm cycling. It's NOT flattering, it's fucking annoying. Have some self control and keep your stupid mouth shut. I hope this comic doesn't put anyone off of cycling in London though...getting a bike is one of the best things I've done since moving here!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

House hunting is crap.

In September I moved house. I looked at some horrorshows, including this one. Luckily I found a great place with lovely housemates in the end...phew!

In Your Dreams: Tracksuits

Greg Wallace

Drew this whilst watching Masterchef.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I'm in someone's zine! Oooh!

Through the 100 days project I took part in earlier in the year I got to know Sophie, who has recently made a zine called Americas Dreaming, which arrived at my new house last week complete with lovely decorated envelope that can be seen in the photo above- getting good post like this is the best! As part of this issue she interviewed me about my comics, which is one of the reasons I'm blogging about it here, but also because it's a great little zine and you should get a copy! Email her at hellosophiemolAThotmailDOTcom to get a copy! Thanks again Sophie!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Old Stuff.

I'm going through an incredibly uninspired phase at the moment re: drawing, which sucks, but today I found a folder with some of the first comics I drew inside. They were on my old blog, but they aren't displaying properly there, so I thought I'd upload them here instead. They're a bit self righteous and reflect my interests and lifestyle at the time (I was really into music and I was not enjoying being a student) but they're worth uploading nonetheless I think. Yup.

Why I Hate Thunderstorms

True story. Drawn in 2006.


2006. Bad times.

Drum and Bass IN YOUR FACE.

2005. This comic came out of a conversation I had with my friend Jimmy B...

God Bless the Music Press

2005. When the NME got really really rubbish.

Ten Things That Should be Banned in Student Homes

I drew this in 2005 after finding my time in halls of residence somewhat frustrating. Drawn onto lined paper as well.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

zine related posting...

Hello! In case you didn't know already the London Zine Symposium is being held this Saturday, the 29th, at the Rag Factory, Heneage Street (off Brick Lane). It's a great chance to check out lots of different zines and self published stuff, take part in some workshops and generally have a good time. Last year I went with a crippling hangover, but despite this, and the fact the venue was really hot and very crowded I had a great time. Quick plug for my friend Emma who will be there on behalf of the Brighton Zinefest Collective, with lots of good stuff on sale...

Despite my enthusiasm for the Zine Symposium, I won't be there as I'm visiting my parents in Bristol over the weekend. This ties in nicely with my next bit of info though...via the internets I was made aware of this- a call out for donations to a new zine library in Bristol, which seems like a great idea. Donate if you can!

Monday, 17 May 2010

An unwanted visitor...

So my unemployment time is going to be coming to an end soon, and creatively I have managed very little during this period. Oh dear. Here's a comic about the day a slug decided to take residence in our cutlery drawer. Oh the perils of living in a basement flat with a garden...


I drew this on the train back to my parents house in Bristol...

Monday, 22 March 2010

my (hypothetical) band is better than your band.

Ok, so most post 100 days artistic output has been...limited to say the least, so in the mean time I thought I'd post this comic I did a few years ago for an indiepop zine my friend Amy made called 'Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams'. This comic is really all about how much I like making up band names/concepts but due to a complete lack of musical skill, will never make them a reality. Boo hoo. Anyway:

Hopefully there will be more comic/art stuff here soon, because I'm soon to be unemployed and we all know drawing is superior to filling out job application forms right? (well, until you run out of money...)

Friday, 12 March 2010

One Hundred Days Project DAY ONE HUNDRED!!!

So that's it. I managed to do a sketchbook page every day for 100 days! I've really enjoyed doing the project, and I do feel a better person for being creative every day even if it is me drawing me sitting in my bed for the millionth time or grumbling about something. I've also loved following everybody else's projects, lots of which are linked to in the sidebar and well worth a look- well done you lot!

Even though the project is over, I'm going to keep updating this blog with drawings, comics and the like, so do check it again if you've enjoyed this stuff! Thanks!

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety Nine

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety Eight 08/03/2010

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety Seven 07/02/2010

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety Six 06/03/2010

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety Five 05/03/2010

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety Four 04/03/2010

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety Three 03/03/2010

Camberwell is the 99p shop capital with not one but two 99p stores across the road from each other. Oh yes.

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety Two 02/03/2010

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety One 01/03/2010

One Hundred Days Project Day Ninety 28/02/2010